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Monitor Your Media Time Like This

Monitor Your Media Time Like This with Kathie's Coaching

How often do you watch the news? How often are you checking Facebook? Who do you follow on Instagram? What are you allowing into your vibe?

These are very important questions to ask yourself. How does your vibration feel? Notice how it feels after reading the news - of any kind.

As we enter into a new decade our thoughts need to be cleaned which will help transition us to a new life line of prosperity, good health and happiness.

I am about to guide my clients through a 7 day mental diet introduced by Emmet Fox. I like Joseph Rodriguiez Interpretation of this. Here is a link to his YouTube Video. By doing this process you can drastically change your life. It isn't easy, especially if you are used to the programming going on in the world.

For example: Do you re-post news stories on your social media feed? Are you EVER on social media complaining about your life or situations - even something as small as complaining about food? Do you constantly pick up your phone and post every time something happens in your life? Do you look at others on social media that bring you down or get you involved in their negative vibrations? If you do any of these things you might have difficulty on the 7 day mental diet. The reason for this is your programming runs deep.

You might first want to try The Power of the Spoken Word and monitor how you talk to yourself and others. Here is a link to the YouTube Video on this. You might be surprised by how negative you are talking - and there is power in this. This is an excellent place to start.


This topic is in one of my Monday Motivation emails. Click here to read it now. It is super important to control the quality of your thoughts. This one thing can empower your life tremendously.

If you are just realizing this you might want to monitor your media time. This includes social media - probably most importantly.

I have found fabulous delights by changing the way I look at things and what I let into my vibration. Media is a pendulum and pendulums suck your energy unless you become aware. How do you become aware? Monitor your thoughts. Do the 7 day mental diet, or monitor how you are speaking to yourself. One day might be all it takes!! 😁

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