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Anger Never Solved Anything

I was in a state of flow yesterday! My energy was off the charts! And then I made the mistake of spending just a few minutes on Facebook. Mistake! In just the 3 minutes on Facebook, I could actually feel my energy dissipate.

Then today I made another mistake. I went to my little friend on Instagram and posted something to her post about the recent race situation taking place in our nation. Here’s what she posted:

Needless to say, I gave my energy to a destructive pendulum. Mind you this is the gal who terms me as “toxic positivity” and I am quite sure she went to her stories to call me this again. But I refuse to give any more energy to that pendulum. Well with the exception of this post. Here is my recent video on toxic positivity. It's simply fighting for your limitations.

You see, anger never solved anything. I was at the gym today as well and noticed a woman of color in Atlanta speaking to whoever would listen, she looked like someone with “authority” and her body language and facial expressions were of anger and hate. The only people she would reach are those with more anger and hate.Martin Luther King never exuded that type of body language. he knew that is where the power was.

You do know anger is fear right? And you do know that feeling of anger is giving in to the destructive pendulum? Here is my video on pendulums.

What happened was awful. I am not denying that. And unfortunately, it happens all the time no matter the color of the skin. But the pendulum made this about color.

We all bleed red, but that too is just a color. It is absurd to get angry about this and feel bad about yourself because you are a certain color.

We create our own reality. And yes if you are angry, feel oppressed, feel you have no power because of your skin color - you created that reality. Mind you, that is a negative reality and the reason you are angry! Period! I need to work on this as well. I actually feel bad that I am white. This is not right. And the pain is real.

You have the choice of what you let into your reality. I made the choice to let that into my reality. Big mistake, huge mistake.

But I re-wrote that reality. I know this kind of thing happens regardless of skin color. That is what is wrong. In my reality, I feel sad for all involved. But I refuse to get angry and go to the dark side.

My power lies in how my Higher Being sees this. And as I tried to tell this young victimhood gal, Abraham Hicks says the reason we feel angry is that we are out of vibration with our Higher Self. Our Higher Self sees everyone as love and light. Even the cop who killed the guy. What needs to be fixed here is the reality these people are creating. Imagine if the cop had been taught a different reality? We wouldn't even be discussing this right now.

When someone is mean and hateful and angry they are not in alignment. They are scared and living in fear. We do not know the upbringing of the cop. We do not know what cops see every day. I can imagine it is horrible. They are the first to be there at any act of violence. They put their lives in danger every day protecting us. They see dead children, they see car wrecks with all kinds of destruction, they see violence like you and I only see in movies. And the movie does not compare with the real, raw emotion involved in their daily lives!

If we all acted in Love, raised our consciousness, like this picture shows, we would see how acting in love and light is the way regardless of our skin color. We wouldn’t need law enforcement because we would all abide by the law.

And there would be no anger!! Anger never solved anything. Where is anger? It is in FORCE. I tried telling this poor victimhood gal this to no avail.

Find the love and light and share it! Remember we are one. You are me and I am you. In my reality, I see the good. Call it being blind or ignorant but I see ignorance in anger. Look at your vibration on this chart. Where is it? Notice anger is in force.

If it is in anger, do like I did and get into flow state. Be conscious of where you put your energy or that pendulum will hook you as it did me.

Unhook from the pendulum. Act in love, Create in love. And life will be love!

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