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Be Proactive NOT Reactive

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

How to stop Corona Virus for affecting you with Kathie's Coaching

How are you "reacting" to Corona Virus? If you are coming from any place near to fear you are being affected by the pendulum/dogma of it all! Instead of being reactive I am going to show you how I respond by being proactive.

This morning during my workout I listened to this podcast with Joseph Rodrigues. It totally explains this in detail and he doesn't even mention the virus. He actually never mentions ego concepts but explains things with such insight!! Truly a delight.

Click Here for podcast.

Click Here for YouTube.

And I expect my friend Brian Scott with Reality Revolution to be doing something along these lines as well in the very near future.

The Corona Virus is another pendulum or dogma. You are being swept away by fear if you are reacting to the pendulum. The media is actually thriving on this pendulum and instilling the fear. You give your energy to the pendulum or dogma when you react in fear.

Instead, be proactive, take necessary action if needed. Be aware of what is going on but do not obsess and read all about it all the time. Be aware of your thought quality, are you going into fear picturing all the horrible things that could happen to you and your family, like the media wants? If you are thinking this way your thought quality is extremely low. You can control this. Read my post on this: What level are you feeling? (related to the picture on the right)

Be proactive, realize that your world is always taking care of you. Trust your Higher Self, God, or whatever you call it. Know that you are safe. If you have to, think about the odds of you actually getting the virus. And they are extremely low!!! Realize that so many die from all kinds of flu virus' every single day, not just the corona virus. And still you remain unaffected.

I remember about 10 years ago there was this thing called the swine flu. They actually closed schools down in my area for weeks at a time due to one child being infected. And where did it go? By the way people were "reacting" you would think it would kill us all. Nope. It didn't. And actually, where did it go? Into nothingness.

Why? Because people stopped reacting. The pendulum sway stopped. The pendulum stopped receiving it's energy. Just like all pendulums do at some point in time. (pendulums=dogma)

Use humor to stop the pendulum from affecting you. Become proactive, take the necessary precautions (vitamins, masks, essential oils) and live life without worry. Don't react to fear. Be proactive with your Higher Being. It will never let you down. Fear is a Liar (blog post)

As Abraham always says, "One person in alignment is worth more than millions who are not." Alignment is simply being proactive and not aligning with the world of Caesar, or reacting!!

Renee Garcia just released a YouTube Video on the Corona Virus and Reality Transurfing after I wrote this post. Click Here to watch that now.

And be sure to listen to Joseph's podcast for further insight into being proactive.

Peace!! Much love, Kathie

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