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What I Really Think of the Astros

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Kathie blogs about the Astros scandal

As most of you know, I love(d) the Astros. Actually I love the game of baseball. I know the sport inside and out. I grew up watching the game.

However, yesterday was a sad day for me and my team. The Astros were accused of stealing signs and found guilty by the commissioner of baseball. As a penalty of this action they were fined $5 million dollars, Coach AJ Hinch was suspended for one year, and the manager Jeff Lunhow was suspended for one year as well. Shortly after this was announced Jim Crane (the owner of the Houston Astros) fired Hinch and Lunhow. This is just a total shame.

This is sad on so many levels. I am sickened by this news. I actually feel like "making love" was turned into something dirty and ugly. I feel so awful I could not watch the LSU Football game aka National Championship last night. And my dad went to LSU, my nephew goes there now, and I love their coach! I know LSU won though. Geaux Tigers!

I guess my defense is to totally drop importance and let it all go. It sure feels better that way. I refuse to give the pendulum my energy around sports - that is it in a nutshell.

I posted a quick post on Facebook and let it go. Living and growing up in Houston made my Facebook page light up with so many posts about this I had to refrain from opening my page. People are pissed and hurt. This ruins the game on so many levels.

For me:

  • I am so disappointed in my team for doing this.

  • I am hurt for the awesome players who I love like Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, and Justin Verlander (and NOT including Carlos Correra for reasons unspoken here).

  • I am hurt for my two boys who grew up loving the Astros.

  • And not to mention the astrik* now besides our World Series Championship in 2017. The parade that year was one of my happiest moments ever. I quickly changed my branded photo so as to not represent the Astros anymore. 😥

It sickens me that it has come to this. Sadly, all teams do this in some form or fashion. Stealing signs is nothing new. It has gone on since the game began. But do you know how hard it is to steal the sign? Who the f*ck knows what all those finger movements mean? And then the hitter still needs to hit the ball. I get it though, at that level, if you know what's coming you can hit it.

I seriously doubt I will watch professional baseball like I used to. I won't be a fan of the Astros either. The game is ugly now. It is sad.

I am working on dropping importance and letting it go. I know this is best. As with any public item and pendulum it is what gets attention that makes it grow. In time this will pass and the pendulum and people will be on to something else. I am moving on now and when I see it I try to remain the observer and let it pass.

Oh I'm also using humor to drop importance. I follow some funny guys who post funny memes and comments about the Astros on social media. HUMOR 100% HELPS! 🤣

And New York needs to get off this pendulum of hating on the Astros. I have heard (because my son lives in NY) that is all they talk about on their sports radio. Of course, because they have no (good) professional sports but the damn Yankees. And they are considered the most classless fans on the planet after the way they treated our fans during the playoffs (my son included) and the way they talk about every other team but their own. Suck it up buttercup. Drop importance and move on.**

BTW that is all reality transurfing principles. Moving on! NEXT!

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