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The 3 Principles I Live By

Now more than ever it is more important to remember what my speech was about. It's from Reality Transurfing. (get the book, it's a great time to read it!)

The world has changed yes. But we will be fine. Especially if we refuse to give in to fear.

The 3 principles I live by:

1. Advantage. There is advantage in everything just look for it. Watch opportunities pop up through this. They will. They already are. Those that don’t see this are fighting for their limitations.

2. Drop importance. Watch how you feel when you drop importance on this. Even if just for a moment. Life really is good. Quit fighting for your limitations.

3. Outer intention. “Trust your intuition (God, Outer Intention, Higher Self or whatever you It) for it somehow knows the way.” From Steve Jobs commencement speech minus the (....)

We will get through this somehow someway. Life will be different but we’ll be fine. I have faith.

Much love to each of you!! Kathie

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