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Drop Importance Like This

How to drop importance with Kathie's Coaching

My 3 favorite Reality Transurfing Principles are:

  1. Advantage

  2. Drop Importance

  3. Outer Intention.

When I teach this I am ALWAYS asked, "How do you drop importance when it comes to something serious like my family, or my job, or my spouse?" And I can say by letting it go. Like David Hawkins teaches in Power vs Force.(link to book on Amazon) It is as simple as looking at this picture right here and notice exactly where you are on this scale.

I dropped importance when it came to my kids! And if you signed up for my email list you got the scoop on how I did that and how I found true peace!! Sign up here if you'd like that information as well as "Motivation Mondays", discounts on products and early release dates of programs.

I have also dropped importance in my life when it came to my spouse, money, and even my house. I can honestly tell you that when you drop importance you immediately move up the scale because dropping importance is POWER. Pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame are FORCE. Let's talk about fear because fear is usually the biggest cause for 'importance' or 'force'. When you drop importance you are letting go of the excess potential.

"In the terminology of Transurfing fear is an excess energy potential that emerges when excessive meaning is attributed to the object of one’s fear. Excess potential disrupts the balance in the field consequently giving rise to forces that eliminate the imbalance. Suppose you found yourself having to walk along the edge of a cliff and were terrified of falling over the edge. By what means could balanced forces eliminate the excess potential? The least energy-consuming method would be to throw you into the abyss and be done with it." Vadim Zeland Reality Transurfing (link to book on Amazon)

"Nature always takes the path of least resistance." -Vadim Zeland Reality Transurfing I-IV

All of the FORCE feelings on the scale of consciousness create excess potential. Excess potential leads to depression, anxiety, and other problems.

The solution is to take the path of least resistance - drop importance. You do it by moving up the scale into POWER. Find the advantage in everything. As soon as you find advantage you move up to courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, and possibly enlightenment.

The easiest way to learn this is look back on a problem you had many years ago, one that has been solved and let go of. Now imagine being back in the middle of it, somewhere along the lines you dropped importance. Poof it is gone. Now if you can find a way to do that right now on whatever is bothering will move up the scale. (Tip - quit fighting for your limitations!)

Knowledge is power. How do you face the day? As a victim? Or a victor? I chose victor 99.9% of the time! Hey, I am human!😂

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