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All Truths are Half Truths

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

We are all one drop in a big ocean. How does that affect you? Fear or faith? with Kathie's Coaching

All truths are half truths. the Kybalion (google it)

"Whether you think you can or cannot you are correct." Henry Ford

A word of wisdom: "I already knew that." "I disagree." Do not serve you.

We live in a time where there is a lot of fear in the air. Look at this diagram:

Where do you fit on this scale? How are you feeling right now. I can tell you that power is always an option but it depends on your truth.

I chose to live in power so I do not give in to fear or fight for my limitations. I find advantage in everything! Including the Corona Virus which will not affect me - in a negative way. Key words here: not a negative way.

God, our Higher Being, whatever you choose to call it did not want us to go around in fear.

Your half truth may be to carry a can of Lysol, wear a mask, continuously watch the news, and become more afraid of what is going to happen to you. But how does that truth serve you? It is fear. And where does that land in this diagram?

It is best to be proactive, not reactive. Proactive behaviors come from a place of power, follow the rules and be safe, steer clear of social media and those reacting from force. Reactive behaviors come from a place of force, watch the news, read Facebook posts on the fear, and share more of that with others.

So whether you think you can or cannot you are correct. It's up to you!

In love, Kathie :)

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